18 03 2024

How Intumescent Seals Work

How Intumescent Seals Work

Intumescent seals play a crucial role in fire safety by preventing the spread of smoke during fires, potentially saving lives. Here's how they work and why they're essential:

Intumescent seals are strips of material fitted around doorways that expand when exposed to heat, closing any gaps around the door to stop the fire from spreading for a period of time. These seals typically come with 30 or 60-minute fire ratings.

Smoke inhalation poses a significant risk during fires, causing more deaths than fire-related injuries. Smoke can quickly fill up a room, leading to smoke inhalation injuries and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Intumescent seals help contain smoke within rooms, preventing it from traveling room to room through small gaps around doors. This containment buys valuable time for occupants to escape safely or wait for rescue.

Installing intumescent seals on fire doors is essential for comprehensive fire and smoke protection. These seals ensure that both fire and smoke are effectively blocked, enhancing overall building safety.

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